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I thought this was an appropriate poem concerning genealogy. Seems we don't start looking until it is too late to find out about our history and ancestors.


I have re-worked our Genealogy Pages and updated the look of the website.

I have added a page to download the various privatized family gedcoms.

Hopefully there will be something to add to the history tab in the future.

As always, if I have posted anything in error I am counting on "you who knows for sure" to set me straight! Some of my genealogy is a little sketchy in the distant relatives area and I hope if you can you will help me make it right.



We humans are prone to collecting everything from shells and stones to cans and cars. Some people like to collect ancestors and relatives. They call that hobby "Genealogy".

Genealogy is an ever changing project. It is a hobby with no end. We research our past, logging down those we find and hope to find out more about. As we search many pass on and more are born. Our list of names grow, but we rarely know more than when we started about our past. What makes us who we are in a sense.


Pictures and History

Photographs are true treasures. Our links to our own memories and those of our ancestors. What their life was like, what they looked like, where they lived.

Make a point to write your family history for your kids, not just names and dates, but something that puts flesh on the bones. Something that tells them who their ancestors were and what life was like.

Keep a photo album and most important, label your photos! Give them something so they can pick up and start work where you left off when the genealogy bug finally bites them. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes till "December".


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